: Lawn Mower Smoking Cause

How To Eliminate Lawn Mower Smoke

Suddenly the engine of a lawn mower starts giving off blue or white smoke usually because some excess oil spilled onto it. Possibly this happened when you added or changed the oil and spilt some or maybe you overfilled it. Leaking oil from the exhaust is the usual cause of blue, white or black smoke from a lawn mower.

Another cause can be because you turned the mower on its side or upside down for maintenance. And if you've been mowing on a steep slope this could also be the reason. Unfortunately in most mowers the lubrication system is not well sealed. Usually there is an overflow oil reservoir with a relief outlet to allow excess oil to leak out.

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Gas powered lawn mowers can bring surprises. Maybe the most startling surprise is when you pull the cord and the engine sputters into action, only to be followed by clouds of smoke billowing from the motor and under the mower deck.

Note also that there are different smoke types and colors. If the smoke is black or you are continuing to see white or blue smoke after the mower has been running for 10 to 15 minutes there could be an engine problem involved. In that case your first step once the mower has cooled is to check the air filter.

If the air filter is clogged it's because the combustion chamber might not be getting enough oxygen resulting in an overly rich fuel mixture that is causing the engine to run badly and spew out smoke. In that case the solution is to replace the air filter which is a relatively easy task.

If your mower's smoke problem persists, the chances are that the oil seals in the engine's lubrication system or around the pistons are the cause of the problem. Or you might possibly have a cracked crankcase. These are repair jobs better left for a small engine pro unless you have the knowledge and experience of working with engines.

There's also a possibility the smoke is simply the result of the carburetor needing adjusting or cleaning. In that case, take a moment to check out the mower's owner manual which will usually include instructions about how to adjust the carburetor.

In summary, here is a check list for fixing lawn mower smoke:
>>  Check / replace air filter.
>>  Check oil level, grade and type.
>>  Change mower oil if necessary.
>>  If oil has leaked onto the engine, leave the mower to run until the oil burns off harmlessly.
>>  Checking the angle at which you are mowing. Angles more than 15 degrees can cause your mower to smoke.

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