: Lawn Mower Parts You Can Replace Yourself

How To Replace Lawn Mower Parts Yourself

If your lawn mower is letting you down, a little repair know-how can go a long way. In this article you'll find out which lawn mower parts you can fix yourself and save yourself money on repairs.

Like most other machines, lawn mowers do require regular maintenance in order to work optimally. So the best way to keep the blade sharp or changing the oil each 50 hours of use or once a season and cleaning the underneath of the mower to stop grass building up are all essential parts of mower ownership.

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But eventually even good lawn mower owners have to address the problem of failed parts needing replacement. So here you can pick up ways of making lawn mower repair a Do-It-Yourself task and find out which parts you can usually replace yourself with just a small amount of know how.

Today there is no problem finding replacement lawn mower parts online. With just a click or two you can have the particular replacement cable, blade, pull cord or other spare part you need delivered to your door. Also, spare parts are getting less expensive when you buy online.

Repairs by professionals are more expensive because you are paying for the technician’s time. Furthermore, repair shops often charge more money than internet retailers for the same spare parts.

Repairs by others also take longer because you need to spend time transporting your lawn mower to and from the nearest repair shop. Many of these repairs can often be done yourself allowing you to finish mowing and move on to other tasks.

Lawn Mower Parts Needing Frequent Replacement:

Lawn Mower Blades :
They are constantly getting dull, bent and rusty but they are inexpensive and easy to replace. First, for safety, you need to disconnect the spark plug wire before you do any repairs.

Then turn your lawn mower on its side - note that it is best to do this when the fuel tank is empty. Then with a wrench in hand, loosen the nut holding the old blade and replace it with your new blade. Then don't forget to tighten up the nut.

Make sure you purchase a replacement blade with the right length and hole spacing that fits your mower. Internet shops and local hardware stores usually stock various lawn mower blades often costing $20 or less.

Drive Belt :
Some self propelling walk-behind lawn mowers have a belt drive powering the wheels. They are vulnerable to cracking or stretching over time. If you see that your mower no longer drives itself as usual, a worn out belt is the likely cause.

Purchase a replacement drive belt with the correct length and thickness - your owner's manual will have details - then take off the belt cover and remove the old belt from the transmission and drive pullies. Place the new belt and then button everything back in place.

Pull Cord :
Wear and tear due to frequent pulling often causes lawn mower pull cords to get worn and eventually they break. Get a replacement pull cord for your specific mower model to make sure it is the correct length and diameter. Or you can purchase a generic pull cord kit and trim it carefully to the correct length, matching it to the old one. Then remove the lawn mower’s starter assembly, unwind the old cord and then cut it at both ends to remove it. Thread the new cord into the starter assembly and handle and then tie at both ends and wind it back.

Spark Plug :
Modern spark plugs do not often fail but if your lawn mower has serious problems starting, a bad spark plug may well be the cause. Refer to your user's manual to determine the type of spark plug you need, then purchase one online or in your local store.

Disconnect the spark plug wire and then, with a socket wrench, loosen and remove the old spark plug. Take care threading the new spark plug in place, then tighten it with your wrench making sure not to over tighten it. Now re-connect the spark plug wire and you are done.

Replacing Your Lawn Mower :
Although most modern lawn mower parts are fairly easy and inexpensive to replace, there are some repairs that are difficult enough to make buying a new mower make sense.

An example is serious engine damage caused by low oil level or failing to change the oil often enough. Major lawn mower engine repairs are not something the average home owner can do and a repair of that sort will almost certainly cost more than buying a new lawn mower. So that’s when it is time to go online and start shopping.

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